How it Works

You will notice the design of the bacpillow

  • supports your shoulders and neck as they relax
  • allows you to focus your attention on tightening the lower abdominals (the Transverse Abdominals)

Because your body may be used to holding tension in the shoulders you may have to consciously relax the shoulders into the cushion.

With the body less tense and the muscles of the upper back and shoulders switched off, your mind is able to concentrate more readily on connecting with the more subtle internal core muscles of the pelvic floor and Transverse Abdominis (TA).

Performing exercises while lying on this pillow will help strengthen your core muscles.


When I first lay on the BACpillow I surprised how supported my back felt. The back pain reduced immediately, especially after my microdiskectomy.
Using the bacpillow for the specific exercises helped me strengthen my stomach and back muscles. My back is so much stronger, and way more comfortable than before. I thoroughly recommend it.

Kerry Sullivan


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What people are saying

We use the bacpillow every day as it is most supportive. It is made in such a way that every part of the neck is supported. Stuart: My back pain is a thing of the past. I enjoy my golf every week pain free.

Gay and Stuart
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