The Design

The BACpillow is designed to support the head, neck, shoulders and upper back in the optimum position for doing exercises when lying on your back.

It took two years to finalise the unique design of of the bacpillow.

The designer observed that when people walk, run, begin to jump and squat, the body has a slight forward tilt from the hips. Being a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, the designer was concerned that supine (lying on your back) abdominal and core training exercises were on a flat surface with the spine stretched out. It seemed to make more sense to put the spine in the position it would be when walking, running or jumping, if doing abdominal exercises to improve your core stability to support these movements.

The BACpillow is made in Australia.


It puts my back in a good posture position.



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What people are saying

We use the bacpillow every day as it is most supportive. It is made in such a way that every part of the neck is supported. Stuart: My back pain is a thing of the past. I enjoy my golf every week pain free.

Gay and Stuart
Happy Customers