How long do I need to use it before I see or feel results?

Results can be felt within the first session. You will notice your core and lower abs engaging within the first few minutes, and will feel the results of a more thorough workout by the end of your first workout using the BACpillow. The time to achieve visible results depends on the shape you are in and the goals you are setting for yourself, as well as how many workouts you are doing per week and we do know this – the time taken when using BACpillow will significantly shorter than without it, as your abnominal and core muscles are working harder and toning faster during any given session.


How often do I need to use it to strengthen my core?

We suggest you use it every time you work out, whether you are just starting out on a recovery program or are an experienced and fit athlete. Everyone should be looking after their backs for life! Ideally, use the BACpillow 5- 7 mintues a day. Working out 3-5 times a week is a good indicator for seeing and feeling progress.


Can I brand it for my own business (gym, yoga school…) and if so, how much does it cost?

Yes! The Bacpillow is branded on the front right corner, leaving the entire back to be printed with your company name and logo should you choose to! The price depends on how many you wish to brand. Please use the Contact Us form to receive more information on pricing.


Do you do bulk discounts if I were to purchase enough for a whole gym class?

Yes! 1-10 Bacpillows are sold at $97 each, 11-20 are sold at $92 each, and over 20 Bacpillows are sold at $87 each. Of course, the more you order the more you save on shipping too.


How do I know it will work for me?

Bacpillow is designed with basic ergonometry in mind. It is for all shapes and sizes, all conditions and all levels of fitness. Should you have specific problems that need a little extra attention, please check out our VIDEOS about how to adjust the Bacpillow to suit your needs.


Can I use this while I’m pregnant?

While the BACpillow is generally safe to use, pregnant women are advised to avoid exercises that require lying on the back especially in the second and third trimester.


Can I use this if I have scoliosis?

Yes, definitely. Strengthening the spine is an important part of back care especially for people with scoliosis.


Can I use this if I have severe back problems?

Yes. This is designed to help those with back problems not only feel more comfortable lying on their backs, but also strengthen their back muscles and core muscles to correct the problem. Please check out our VIDEOS on how to adjust the Bacpillow if you are uncomfortable to begin with, and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Can I use this if I’m recovering from a serious back injury?

Yes. The Bacpillow is specifically designed to help support the back, neck and head while strengthening the body and maintaining its proper posture. Ensure that you begin with plenty of support, such as a towel rolled under the lower back, should you need it. As your core muscles, back muscles and abdominals strengthen, remove this rolled towel to engage them even further, until you are back to fighting fit… and then challenge yourself even further by doing advanced exercises with the BACpillow!


How can I optimise this for teaching classes?

If you run gym classes, yoga classes, or Pilates classes, you can use Bacpillow with all the floorwork you already teach! Simply instruct your clients on how to find their correct position on the Bacpillow (with the head support on their occipital bone), and proceed with the floorwork as normal. The extra core engagement and proper neck and back support will be noticeable… they will be getting a more intense workout and will feel the difference in their first class using the Bacpillow!


What if I can’t get comfortable on my back?

Most of our clients find that despite being unable to get comfortable on their back normally, they are able to lie comfortably on the Bacpillow for extended periods of time. Should you need a minor adjustment, however, there are many ways to make lying on your back more comfortable until your body is conditioned enough and core is strong enough to engage the proper posture without additional support. Please check out our VIDEOS for some examples, or contact us for more personal advice in your scenario.


What if I have no back problems at all, can I still benefit from using the Bacpillow?

Yes! Bacpillow intensifies all workouts and properly supports posture for those with or without back injuries or problems. You will feel the abs working harder and also the lower abs engaging during situps, meaning you need fewer situps to achieve the same results – saving you precious time and effort. Knowing that you are looking after your spine and your back muscles for many years to come is also great peace of mind!






When I first lay on the BACpillow I surprised how supported my back felt. The back pain reduced immediately, especially after my microdiskectomy.
Using the bacpillow for the specific exercises helped me strengthen my stomach and back muscles. My back is so much stronger, and way more comfortable than before. I thoroughly recommend it.

Kerry Sullivan


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We use the bacpillow every day as it is most supportive. It is made in such a way that every part of the neck is supported. Stuart: My back pain is a thing of the past. I enjoy my golf every week pain free.

Gay and Stuart
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